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'tis a very good question, and one to which one day i will maybe find out the answer to. Though in all honesty, i think that half the fun of living might well be to find out ...

What I *have* managed to discover is that :
* I'm now over a third of a century old,
* that I have an ability to analyse databases containing over 600,000 records of data (and enjoy it!),
* that it's not worth me trying to be trendy and cool cos, like, it just doesn't work (ya know!),
* that if I had to describe myself I'm probably on the dividing line between Geek and Goth (if you can imagine such a thing!), and
* that I really really hate governments telling what I can and can't do.

I have a mild personal dislike of both the Data Protection Act and Health and Safety Legislation, I believe that the Walt Disney corporation is Satan Incarnate, and that while there is life of sorts on other planets, it's not yet advanced enough to make it here (when was the last time you saw a holly bush pilot an F-15?!).

Other stuff :
* I have a bit of a fetish for chocolate and mint.
* I eat pickled chilis out of the jar.
* I don't like orange or coconut.
* I'm an introvert who has done karaokes while sober, and have a strange liking for dancing barefoot at discos.
* On the Keirsey scale I'm very definitely iNTp. [This should come as no suprise once you get to know me!!] - i am an analyst not a manager. I do data, i don't do people. :p
* I start to melt at anything over 23 degrees C. I am a cold weather animal. :)
* I have a strange fetish for using '...' to end my paragraphs with.

Now you've read that ... have a bit of fun ... :p

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