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Return of the Barefoot Daisy

Posted on 2016.08.24 at 20:54


annelaure at 2016-08-24 22:36 (UTC) (Johnny Ball Reveals All)
You're there ! you're here ! W00t !!!
I'm happy to see you !!
And I didn't know what those barefoot sandals were. They're nice though :)
Can you take away the rings on your toes or have they become a permanent thing? like a wedding ring you can't take off anymore after a while?
Noctilucent Cloudburst
sandwell at 2016-08-25 07:27 (UTC) (Johnny Ball Reveals All)
Yay :) See, as requested! Happy to see you too! I don't think I can put my posts behind LJ-cut tags as it simply replicates exactly what I post to the blog, so it does mean every so often your friends feed will have large block of text and pics on it! I'm undecided whether or not to have a completely new LJ for this, or just to continue using this one -> I may change the name of it though if I do...

Yes, they are nice, thank you :) The ring on my left foot (the daisy) is something i wear when I travel, or for blinged-up foot pictures. I rarely wear it. The other one ... yeh that's more of a permanent thing!
annelaure at 2016-08-25 20:40 (UTC) (Johnny Ball Reveals All)
I can live with that :)

I like them both.
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