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I'm not here ...

Posted on 2014.07.03 at 17:46
No GPRS but: Amy's house, K-in-A
Feeling: tiredtired
Background Noise: background radio, tennis on TV
... no, seriously!

I went away on holiday on 30 April 2014 and I haven't been onto LJ since. Normally when I holiday, I provide links to my travel website on daily entries here, but this time I haven't been doing that (mainly because the scope of my travel is more than just daily updates).

Since I only have a couple of friends here who regularly post, I've made the decision to mothball this journal and only come back to check those journals.

Travel journals can now be found at: http://barefoot-backpacker.com
For general contact, my standard twitter feed is : @planet_leesti

To be fair I've barely used LJ for the last couple of years, so it's not going to be much of a loss for me to not come here on a standard regular basis.

Speak laters,

Ian :)

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