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The End of An Era

Posted on 2014.04.14 at 19:10
No GPRS but: my bedroom
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I go travelling at the end of the month. For a year. And I'm going to have to get my place rented. Regardless of whether it's to someone I know or not, I still need to clear out lots of stuff that's cluttering the place.

In my bedroom there is a walk-in closet. Sat at the bottom of that closet, in a large black plastic box, is very penpal letter I've ever received, going back to 1991. It's a very heavy and a very full box. It also hasn't been opened for about seven years.

That was two hours ago.
It is still a very heavy and very full box. Now however it contains all my travel-related nostalgia; stuff that might be useful when I'm writing about travel in the future.

And my penpal letters?
They're all in the recycling bin.

Farewell to them all. Once friends, now mostly merely names written on old paper envelopes and sheets of paper.

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