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Strip Strip Strip to my Lou ...

Posted on 2013.12.25 at 20:55
No GPRS but: living room
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A quick glance at my travel guidebook to Chile suggests that the city of La Serena and the nearby Elqui Valley are interesting enough to while away a week in. I'd forgotten about there. Observatories, pisco sour, UFOs, and hippies. Mmmm.

Spent the day stripping wallpaper. Yes, I'm sure there are more interesting ways to spend Christmas Day, but I'm not allowed to work it so given that I have two days just sat at home, it's the perfect time to do big jobs like that which need doing and which require a couple of hours of effort. Done the best part of three walls of my living room. Mostly it's coming off quite easily, as if it's been stuck on with pritt-stick. Just the occasional random patch that seems to have been spot-welded, and half a minute with the steamer isn't even touching it!

Dinner this evening was trout, pasta, and spinach. Total preparation and cooking time combined: 20 minutes. Ha.


merrymog at 2014-01-25 01:14 (UTC) (Johnny Ball Reveals All)
Well done you !  I like your thinking. x
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