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Around the World the long way, but not "literally" ...

Posted on 2013.12.24 at 21:21
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It may transpire that most of what I blog about on here may well be travel-related rather than life-related. Maybe I should create a new journal just for travel, separate it out from my historical stuff. Or maybe not. Maybe I should change my username. Maybe not.

But anyway.
Have booked the first series of flights for my Round-the-World trip. First stop Romania, then travel upwards through the Western edge of the ex-Soviet Union to Lithuania, where I fly back to the UK. The best part of a whole day later, I fly out to Chile.

That's as far as I've got.
My original plan was to then fly across the Pacific, calling at Easter Island, French Polynesia, and New Caledonia, before arriving into Australia. However, the cost of doing this is astronomical - it's £912 alone to fly from Easter Island to French Polynesia. In fact, due to the fact it was cheaper to get a return rather than a single from the UK to Chile, it actually works out substantially cheaper to fly from Chile to Australia via the UK, rather than even direct over the Pacific. It is, in fact, less than half the price to do this.

My return flight is about a week too late, which means that unless it doesn't cost too much to change it, I'll have an extra week to spend in Chile, if I choose to do this routing instead. It would give a whole new meaning to 'Round the World', but equally it means I wouldn't have the notable aspect of crossing the International Date Line.
Alternatively I fly across the Pacific, get to Sydney, then sell my body in the gay quarter ...


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