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New Passport, Distant Frontiers

Posted on 2013.11.16 at 11:20
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Yesterday I got my new passport through the mail. It's shiny, and 48 pages long. It also came rather quickly; the estimated time's 3 weeks and I only sent off the forms last Wednesday (ie 9 days ago). I'm somewhat impressed.

Of course it's not going to stay shiny and new for long ... ;)

I now need to finalise my going-away-date. Not my departure date, but the date from which I officially start my career break. I have between 8-10 days holiday left to take before the end of the holiday year, which I'll tag on to the start of my official career break, thus giving me about 12½ months to travel the world. But since I don't know how much holiday I'll have left yet (it's dependant on a couple of things coming up), I don't know when to make the career break start for best effect ...

Apart from the minutiae, I pretty much have the first three months plotted out, and the following month sort-of identified. I really ought to put up a full itinerary at some point ... I probably will once I book my first flight. That will be the scariest moment, because then it'll all be definitely happening.

Does anyone know anything about Paraguay?!

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